Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate

For Wills and Probate we have the expertise to assist you with the whole range of matters which may arise.

We suggest an initial consultation at £350 plus VAT without retainer to advise you on your estate. Laurence Wilson deals with all probate cases and would be happy to see you to advise. Please call her on 01865 874497.

Overall costs vary on the amount of work and complexity an estate can cost as little as £1,500 plus VAT and probate fees but the costs can range on the value of the estate and overall work required.

Because no two estates are the same, we do not have a standard price for estate administration. Our charges are based on the amount of time spent conducting the work you require at the hourly rate of the solicitor dealing with your case. Please read through the example cases below. These will give you an indication of the range of costs we would expect to charge for that work together with an average price and the VAT that will apply. These examples all reflect the full Administration of an Estate which is not contested or subject to any litigation.

Note – The example cases do not include disbursements, the prices for disbursements and fees should be added to the total depending on the disbursements/fees applicable to your case.

Straightforward estate – e.g. all assets to a surviving spouse or to children (£1,500 – £3,500)

No Inheritance Tax issues, no complex assets

Straightforward estate with some complicating issues (£2,500 – £6,500)

Estate as above but with complicating factors e.g. – Investigation of unknown or unusual assets / Property management/missing will/tracing of family members

Medium Complexity – e.g. estate exceeds £325,000 / Inheritance Tax payable/will create a trust (£3,750 – £6,500)

Medium Complexity with some complicating issues – e.g. large number of assets / high value assets / shared portfolio (£5,500 – £18,500)

Complex estate – e.g. estate exceeds £650,000 / business assets / high value assets / Inheritance Tax negotiation with HMRC or other tax issues £15,000 upwards.

Price will be determined based on time spent (Laurence Wilson’s hourly rates are £350 plus VAT)



Wills basic fee £350 to £450 plus VAT

But for more complex wills dealing with trusts £350 per hour and estimates of £450 to £750 plus VAT but most wills come within the top bracket of estimated fees.

Inheritance Act Claims

These are complex and need skill and care. The limitation period for such claims is within 6 months from the date of the grant of representation.

Howard J. Wilson’s charge out rate is £350 to £450 plus VAT per hour depending on complexity.

A more detailed estimate can be given at the initial consultation.